Berk Canberk

  • Professor: Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Director: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Application and Research Center at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Vice-Dean for Reseach Affairs: Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Adjunct Professor: Electrical&Computer Engineering at Northeastern University, USA

Short Bio: Prof. Berk Canberk is a Professor with the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and an Adjunct Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Northeastern University. He is also the vice-dean responsible for Research and Development in ITU Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering, and Director of ITU Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Research and Development Center.  His current research interests are in AI enabled network control systems, automated cyber physical systems, digital twin networks and 6G networks In his research group named Broadband Communication and Network Automation Research Group (BCRG) (, he leads the research activities over these highly interdisciplinary fields currently supervising 8 PhD and 4 MSc students. He has supervised over 13 MS students; and 4 PhD students. His research has so far been funded by Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) NEWTON Research Collaboration, Turkish Telekom, several Turkish IT Companies and many others. He is an IEEE Senior Member and he acts as an editor for IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Computer Networks Journal (Elsevier) and Communication Networks Journal (Elsevier). He is involved in several conferences as TPC chair and member including IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE ICC, IEEE GLOBECOM, and in organizing committees of many other conferences.

Title: AI-Driven Network Control and Management for 6G enabled Swarms

Abstract: With the tremendous advances in the upcoming 6G era, the world enters an age of connected intelligence built upon machine-to-machine communication. These recent advancements pave the way for intelligent swarms equipped with autonomous control and management systems. These swarms are deployed and utilized in a giant spectrum expanding from civil to military domain, leading up to more connected devices per square kilometer. This new swarm-assisted knowledge-based era of 6G vision needs seamless control systems, fully automated management, artificial-intelligence enabled communication, well-bred computing methodologies, self-organizing behaviors, and high-end connectivity. This talk will cover our recent work on network control and management utilizing AI-driven solutions within the scope of swarm networks. We will cover unique aspects and vision of 6G enabled swarms and explore their critical service requirements in terms of resiliency, sustainability, latency in order to ensure autonomous control and management.